All enquiries, advice, quotations or estimates made or provided by or bookings made with and/or all services rendered by or on behalf of QZP Travel and Tours (Pty) Ltd (‘the Travel Agent’) are subject to these terms and conditions (‘the Conditions’).
We are QZP Travel and Tours (PTY) Ltd and our agreement with you sets out what you are legally entitled to expect from and your obligations to us. We sell products and service as an agent on behalf of airlines, wholesale companies and other service providers including accommodation and transportation services (Third Party Suppliers). You should make sure that you understand the terms and conditions which apply to your particular arrangements in addition to these general terms and conditions, and we will make available to you the terms and conditions or websites of the Third Party Suppliers.
Your Travel Booking
When you make a booking:
(a) you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept for yourself and on behalf of your party the terms of these booking conditions; and any terms and conditions imposed by Third Party Suppliers.
(b) it is your responsibility to ensure that all of the details on your travel documents are correct and to bring to our attention any errors or discrepancies immediately on receiving this document. The names in your booking must be exactly the same as they appear in the traveller’s passport.
(c) you enter into a legally binding contract to acquire the relevant travel or travel related products and/or services with the Third Party Suppliers.
(d) if you make a booking on behalf of someone, you warrant that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of that person to be bound by our general terms and conditions and the relevant Third Party Suppliers’ terms and conditions.
Air Tickets
These tickets are linked to contracts (‘Air T&C’) which are very complex and can entail very strict requirements regarding change, airport and departure taxes and cancellation provisions and you MUST enquire about ALL the applicable conditions BEFORE you pay for the ticket. You should also take note that if your flight/itinerary consists of more than one flight/coupon/ticket, you are not allowed to use such tickets/coupons out of sequence or to ‘skip’ one (and e.g. opt for train, bus or car transport) as this will VOID the entire balance of the journey/itinerary. ‘No-shows’ may result in the ticket being voided and/or the Client being charged a cancellation fee.  Note that the Air T&C shall constitute the sole contract between the airline and the Client and any right of recourse the Client may have, will be solely against the airline in terms of the Air T&C. Your rights of recourse as a consequence of over-booking are prescribed by the CPA. Loyalty programs are governed by strict rules of which the Client must be aware and retention of boarding passes and other documentation pertaining to such programs is the sole responsibility of the Client. Consult the Travel Agent about refunds for unused tickets as strict deadlines apply.    
Booking, Deposit and Reservation
Once the Client has filled in the travel enquiry form, responded to an advertisement verbally or in writing or via e-mail or the Internet or has, without reference to any of the aforesaid, asked for more details (collectively referred to as ‘the Enquiry’), about a particular destination, trip, tour or mode of travel (collectively referred to as ‘the Proposed Travel Arrangements’) the Travel Agent will prepare and provide the Client with an estimate (by hand, telefax or e-mail) (‘the Estimate’). Upon the Client’s written confirmation that the facts and information contained in the Estimate is correct and upon acceptance of these Conditions by the Client initialling or ticking the relevant tick boxes, the Travel Agent will prepare a quotation for the Proposed Travel Arrangements (‘the Quotation’) We at QZP Travel and Tours (PTY) Ltd deal on a full upfront payment basis in order to process all bookings. We do not offer bookings on a deposit basis.
Cancellation or changes:
We have to be notified of all cancellations or changes in writing prior to departure. The customer will be liable for cancellation or date change penalties in the event that travel arrangements are changed or cancelled by the customer. Cancellation or date change penalties can amount to the full purchase price subject to amongst others when the travel arrangements are cancelled, the supplier’s cancellation policy and the fare rules. Travel bookings are non-transferable and name changes are not permitted. You will forfeit the fare if you do not fly or do not notify the airline or your travel expert of your intent not to travel prior to your scheduled departure. Tickets must be travelled on in the sequence they are booked, if not, the ticket will be forfeited. Bookings are NON-REFUNDABLE unless stated otherwise prior to booking.
Prices are quoted at the ruling daily exchange rate. Until the Travel Agent has received payment of the Price in full, it reserves the right to charge any fluctuations to the Client’s account and the Client undertakes to pay for any such fluctuation on demand. The onus will be on the Client to check that there have been no changes in the Price prior to making full and final payment. However, once payment of the Price in full is received, the Price is guaranteed (subject to statutory increases such as VAT). However, airfares are subject to the price and conditions quoted by the airlines and cannot be guaranteed by the Travel Agent (PLEASE NOTE: This applies especially regarding airport taxes for the entire journey).
Should the Client be a group booking and the group number deviate from the number required for the Booking, the Principal may reserve the right to re-cost the Price and raise a surcharge. Should any Client refuse to accept and pay such surcharge, it may result in the Principal cancelling the Booking and retain any payment made (The Travel Agent will be entitled to retain any service fees charged).
Please note that in some case Principals may nevertheless have a clause requiring passengers to pay an additional amount in the event of fuel surcharges or fuel price increases even though full payment has been effected.   
Travel Insurance:
Travel insurance is strongly recommended for all travel. Once the insurance policy has been confirmed and paid for, you will be issued with a policy document of the insurer. A copy thereof will be emailed to you and we strongly recommend that you read and understand this document before your travel commences so that you can address any queries you may have to the insurer before you leave. In the event of any queries or the need to lodge a claim, contact the insurer directly. For assistance in obtaining travel insurance please contact one of QZP Travels experts and they will gladly assist you
Travel Documents
Documents (vouchers, itineraries etc) are only prepared and released on receipt of payment of the Price in full. Upon receipt of your travel documents, kindly double check that every detail therein are correct. Passports are required for all passengers including infants for international travel. Passports and travel documents must comply with the following requirements: valid for at least six months after your date of return, must have a minimum 2 blank pages, travel documents have to be in the name appearing on the traveller’s passport, Temporary passports are not accepted in most countries, Most countries require machine-readable passports. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure compliance. The customer and / or traveller indemnifies QZP Travel and Tours against any errors which might occur and any cost relating thereto in the event that any traveller’s passport has not been issued by the Department of Home Affairs at the date of completing the booking form. The onus is on South African permanent residents travelling on a foreign passport to ensure they have the required documentation to travel, including but not limited to visas. The onus is on the traveller, especially where the traveller has become a citizen of the relevant country by naturalisation, to ensure that they are travelling with the correct travel documents. Documentary identification is required for infants who are travelling.  Identification is required for all passengers travelling domestically. The airline will require that you present a RSA identity document or RSA driver’s licence for domestic travel.
Disease and vaccination
Certain parts covered by your itinerary are areas where there is a high-risk of malaria and other tropical diseases.  We strongly recommend that the necessary precautions be taken in this regard and recommend that you check with your medical practitioner before departure or a medical practitioner well versed in tropical diseases immediately upon your arrival in Africa or any other tropical or sub-tropical destination. If you have not done so prior to departure, it is imperative you do so upon your return.
Travelling with Children
From 1 June 2015 all children under the age of eighteen require the following: unabridged birth certificates to travel internationally in and out of South Africa. If travelling with one parent, consent in the form of an affidavit of the other parent is required as well as an unabridged birth certificate. If travelling with no parents, consent in the form of an affidavit is required from both parents as well as an unabridged birth certificate.  Please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website for information on minors travelling internationally Ages of children and infants travelling must relate to the dates of travel.
Force Majeure
For the purpose of this Agreement, circumstances beyond the reasonable control of QZP Travel and Tours (PTY) Ltd or a third party supplier (“the Parties”) will include, but not necessarily be limited to, any of the following matters: Strikes, terrorism, war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, mutiny, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, confiscation or destruction or requisition by order of any government or any public authority or any other Act of State, including prevention or denial of trade, sanctions or closure of borders;  Denial of the use or unavailability of any railway, port, airport, shipping service or other means of public transport, other than due to default on the part of either Party; and Any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control and not within the reasonable expectation of either Party.  If either Party is prevented from or delayed in performing any of its obligations by circumstances beyond the control of such Party as set out in this clause, then it will notify the other Party as well as the customer or traveller in writing of the nature and expected duration of such circumstances and of the obligation, performance of which is delayed or prevented, and both Parties will thereupon be excused from the performance or punctual performance, as the case may be, of their respective obligations from the date of such notification, for so long as the circumstances or prevention or delay may continue.
Law and Jurisdiction
South African law and the jurisdiction of South African courts will govern the relationship between the Client and the Travel Agent. The Travel Agent shall be entitled to institute any legal proceedings arising out of or in connection with this contract in any Magistrates Court having jurisdiction in terms of Section 28 of the Magistrates Court Act no. 32/1944 as amended, notwithstanding that the amount in issue may exceed the limits of such jurisdiction.
By confirming my booking with QZP Travel and Tours (PTY) Ltd I accept these terms and conditions and confirm that I have the legal capacity to do so